Type Spec
Overseas Certification Property Detail Property Detail Property Detail
Cooling capacity 50Hz/60Hz(Wh) 500/580
Power 1PH 220V,50/60Hz both
Circuit breaker capacity(A) / Operation current (A) 5/1.97
Power consumption in case heater does not operate (W) 430
Heater capacity 500W(PTC evaporating)
Dimension(WxHxD)(mm) 350x570x190
Weight(kg) 25
Refrigerant R-134a
Use Range (room temp.)/Circuit Protection 20~55 40%RH / High voltage switch (Compressor)

What is a panel cooler ?

Automation of equipment and high-concentration causes high heat inside control panel. The panel cooler of AIRMAJOR cools and dehumidifies the heats occurred inside/outside panel by circulating the air through air conditioner evaporator and the generated moisture and fine dust flow into water tank and are evaporated by heater, which protects the electronic aparatus and devices inside panel.

Features of Product

Property Detail
Property Detail

Calorimeter(Calorimeter) Introduction of Calorimeter (first in the same industry)

  • Introduced a Psychrometic Type Calorimeter first in the same industry
  • Developed the control panel air conditioner that maximizes the energy saving and cooling efficiency
  • What is calorimeter? An essential equipment for the development of product with correct and excellent quality and performance as it provides measurement of air volume, measurement of cooling/heating capability, various environment test, power characteristics test (frequency, voltage change etc)

Property Detail

Energy-Saving : high efficient compressor applied

  • Compressor efficiency COP (Coefficient of Performance) = Cooling capacity / Power consumption 60% improved (e-Green: compared with the existing model)
  • Compressor Cooling capacity 46% improved (e-Green: compared with the existing model)

Adopted EC motor that combined BLDC technology (EBM) >> 2 step control applied

  • Adopted high efficient EC motor of EBM that the performance and duration are verified worldwide
  • Available to control the speed of condenser fan and evaporator fan by 2-step and maintain the more stable system in the high temperature and overload area
  • Improved the stable cooling efficiency and high temperature durability

Property Detail

Adopted chloride net filter : available to block the oil mist

  • Chloride net filter blocks dust, coolant, oil mist radically to prevent the contamination of condenser fan and fin and maintain the continuous cooling efficiency
  • Applied Fin-Tube 7 for heat exchanger and adopted carbon nano coating
  • Applied to high temperature environment and enhanced the corrosion-resistance

e-Green : reduced the electricity charge by 30% compared with the existing model

  • 30% saved when compared with AMPS-1000F >> when using 500ea, KRW 152,000,000 saved (5 years, domestic)

Condenser evaporator without over flower

  • The condensate water generated when cooling, is discharged outside by the vapor discharging fan of heater (PTC heater with excellent safety and durability)
  • Heater capacity designed at maximum 500W to prevent the over-flow (based on summer time) (average 165.5w/h)
  • Automatic dry of condensate water is available and not necessary to manage a water box separately (labor cost saved)

Property Detail

Eco-friendly refrigerant R-134a/410A
Eco-friendly new refrigerant with low Ozone destruction index for all model : R-134a/410A